Large rough diamond.

Large rough diamond.

Buy quality world standard diamonds from the source with confidence. We are a reputable and certified family-owned company that holds integrity as its most important core value.

We are mainly discoverers and producers of rough uncut natural diamonds from the earth in Sierra Leone. Our inventory includes industrial diamonds, diamond octahedrons, diamond cubes (cubic diamonds) and natural rough diamond pieces for jewelry production.

You can always find unique rough diamonds and diamond jewelry from many companies in the world, but how many can vouch for the quality more than a family from one of the biggest diamond producing countries in the world with decades of experience in the mining and production industry? How many give back directly to the communities they mine their diamonds from? Not many.

With confidence and peace of mind, purchase your next batch of rough, beautiful and rare diamonds from Trigon Mining. We provide precious stones for our precious world.

Our mission is to give back to the community that has been robbed and abused for so many years, while providing quality diamonds to craftsmen, jewelers and other trades all over the world for their beautiful skillsets and customers.


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Trigon mining honors and respects the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme