Full Mining Life Cycle Partnership




Trigon Mining partners with multiple international mining companies that come and mine in Sierra Leone.  As we evolve, we continually undertake to optimize the time and effort consumed at each step of the mining life cycle in order to increase production output.  In turn, as efficiency and output increase, the final product is pushed to market faster with the same if not better quality standards as expected.  Being that Trigon Mining has such a rich history here in Sierra Leone, we are able to provide direction through the full mining life cycle while continually providing innovative and practical solutions along with strategic project guidance to our partners. 

As there is no substitute to experience, expertise is derived from meticulous practice and being fully entrenched in your area of knowledge.  Trigon Mining has over 14 years of hands-on experience and knowledge from start to finish of the mining process.  Advantages of partnering with Trigon Mining include, but are not limited to:


  1. A clear and concise partnering agreement free of hidden language and beneficial to both parties.
  2. Our extensive backgrounds can be used to get onsite staff working faster and the most efficiently.
  3. We can provide an extension of your on-site expertise on demand which reduces recruitment overhead.
  4. Communication with our experienced staff can provide mentoring for less experienced staff.
  5. Our team comes with a well-disciplined work style that will demonstrate the needed effort in order to develop the environment needed to operate in Sierra Leone within our culture.