Our Story


Trigon is a family-owned mining company incorporated in Sierra Leone .  This company has been in existence for the past 30 years and is growing to become an influential company in the international exporting and importing market. Trigon employs mostly local men and women, to give back to the communities that work hard to discover, clean and mine the diamonds and precious metals.  Trigon mining holds over 100 licenses in the productive areas of Kono and also gold mining licenses in Kabala.  They are undertaking an additional mission to educate the world on the truths about the diamond trade through their website, webinars, articles and documentaries.

“We are looking for partners interested in mining consciously and responsibly in these areas – and also jewelry stores, consumers that are interested in buying diamonds in a safe environment created and protected by the locals.  Our family is well known in Sierra Leone for creating jobs and opportunities through numerous successful businesses ranging from poultry, restaurants, real estate, a Sierra Leone gold refinery, the first internet café and currently Hotel Cabenda.” Says Donald Hebron, son of majority owner, Mr. Olufemi Syble Boyle-Hebron. Known to Sierra Leoneans as “Femi Hebron”.

“Our operational equipment range from heavy duty excavators, d8k bulldozers, heavy duty dump trucks, large scale water pumps and 3 advanced washing plants. In the year 2013, we embarked on a risky, yet successful mining operation in which we diverted the river from its usual flow and began extracting gravel.  We will be a family business for as long as we can manage this company.”